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The News:

PanAm Toronto 2015 Volleyball

July, 2015.


Had the great pleasure of shooting at PanAm Men's and Women's Indoor Volleyball. It's a whole different experience seeing the game and the players that close up! The international crowd made it an especially wonderful experience. All of those singing and dancing and cheering Canuck and Hispanic volleyball fans made finding crowd shots soooo easy!

CSC Camera Movement Workshop

June, 2015.


Taught by award winning cinematographer Ray Dumas, csc, this workshop discussed reasons for camera movement and demonstrated the myriad of tools for doing so. Participants got to test their skills on devices from as small as a brushless gimbal rig to a techno crane, and everything in between.

December 7, 2014

"Born to be Blue"

October - November, 2014


Spent five weeks in the Great city of Sudbury, Ontario working on the Chet Baker Bio-pic, "Born to be Blue". What a fantastic opportunity to be able to work with the likes of our wonderful lead actors Ethan Hawke and Carmen Ejogo, not to mention the incredible experience to work with Steve Cosens, csc. It was truly a pleasure working with such seasoned pros!

"The Stanley Dynamic"

July 23-25, 2014

Ever wonder about that fourth wall we never see in sitcoms? Well, I got to spend 3 days perfecting the art of hiding that fourth wall on the YTV Sit-com, "The Stanley Dynamic". It really helped me improve my abilities in the area of operating a pedestal camera! Huge thanks go out to DP, Matt Phillips; Operators: Ted, Blair, Rod, JD and Simon; PM, Maribeth Daly; Director Steve Wright and Lou the Script Super! What a fantastic crew!!!


August 13-15, 2014

Spent a few VERY cool days working on this wonderful show. It was a great experience with David Winning directing and the great Phil Ramuno (and his lifetime of sitcom experience) acting as camera consultant. I learned tons!l!

Steadicam at Ryerson

June 16, 2014


Today I'm spending the day at Ryerson University. Myself, along with fellow steadicam operator Alan Lennox are in Bryn Chamberlain's Film Tech class, opening the minds of young filmmakers to the history, evolution and the art of operating a steadicam. I'm sure one day we'll be working for some of them ;-)



may 29, 2014


On this day, May 29, 2014, the Website was launched. this website marks Daniel's departure from cheap and uninteresting pages on Social networking sites (sorry Facebook ;-) and moves him into the REAL internet. Here's hoping it's a HUGE success ...or at the very least, helpful ;-)

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